Unlocked iPhone

At last a reason to celebrate French law……..for all you would be iPhone owners. Under French law all mobile phones have to be offered unlocked, so that customers can use them on any network they wish – and that includes the iPhone.

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Will Amazon re-Kindle interest in eReaders

It will be interesting to see if Amazon’s reported launch of their Electronic Reader called Kindle will be more successful than Sony’s attempt with their eReader launched back in January 2006.

Amazon.com CEO Jeff Bezos will unveil the Kindle at a launch event in New York tonight.

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More online tools from Adobe

Earlier this year, Adobe introduced Premiere Express, a free, Flash-based online video editor for creating mash-ups and remixes. Anyone using Photobucket, MTV.com and YouTube’s TestTube site can use Premiere Express.


Adobe Systems now has announced that it will ship a beta version of its Photoshop Express online editing tool by the end of this year, with the full product to be complete sometime in 2008.

“By late this year, we anticipate having a beta version,” said John Loiacono, senior vice president for Adobe Creative Solutions, speaking at the 6sight digital imaging conference. And next year, the online service will be “available to anyone,” he said.

How to hide on Facebook

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Deactivated Accounts are not Dead

Given the uncertainty surrounding the “how safe is my data” debate you may wish to close your social network account until there are clearer answers.
This may not be quite as straightforward it may seem

Facebook’s Account Settings help appears to confirm that they retain your data even after you deactivate your account

In the “How do I deactivate my account?” section we are informed:
“You want to leave Facebook? ………Deactivation will completely remove your profile and all associated content on your account from Facebook………” it then goes on to say “If you reactivate your account, your profile will be restored in its entirety (friends, photos, interests, etc.).

Add to this the recent article on Valleywag entitled “Facebook employees know-what profiles you look at” and the privacy/online reputaion issue is certainly going to make some people very nervous.

Mapping goes inside out

EveryScape launched today with a new dimension to street mapping and streetviews. Now you can explore inside buildings…..you can check out the hotel before you check in or experience the ski run before you break a leg.

Looks like Google streetview has some catching up to do.


My car will contact your car

Credit : Dash Navigation™

Get ready to throw away your Tom Tom because Dash is neary ready for launchop. Dash is the next generation of car sat nav that you will want to have.

Its key differentiator from other GPS units is that it will always be connected to the Internet, which will enable features like peer-to-peer (with other Dash devices) traffic reporting, and the capability to program routes on to your device from your Web browser.
What makes the Dash device so different is that it not only receives location data from the satellites of the Global Positioning System, like other navigation units, but it also broadcasts information about its travels back to the Dash network.

The continuous two-way reporting lets the system accomplish several things. It can measure how fast traffic really travels on a given road, and use that to compile a highly detailed and accurate database of traffic information. Dash units can warn each other through the network the second they hit a traffic slowdown. And because the units stay connected to the Internet, information on nearby points of interest like restaurants is instantly available and current.

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