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Is Flickr Locating a Social Network?

Flikr have launched Places which is a mash up that produces a location profile . The profile pulls data from maps, weather, groups and individually tagged photos.

Is this the start of a Flickr creating a location based social network?



Mapping goes inside out

EveryScape launched today with a new dimension to street mapping and streetviews. Now you can explore inside buildings… can check out the hotel before you check in or experience the ski run before you break a leg.

Looks like Google streetview has some catching up to do.


My car will contact your car

Credit : Dash Navigation™

Get ready to throw away your Tom Tom because Dash is neary ready for launchop. Dash is the next generation of car sat nav that you will want to have.

Its key differentiator from other GPS units is that it will always be connected to the Internet, which will enable features like peer-to-peer (with other Dash devices) traffic reporting, and the capability to program routes on to your device from your Web browser.
What makes the Dash device so different is that it not only receives location data from the satellites of the Global Positioning System, like other navigation units, but it also broadcasts information about its travels back to the Dash network.

The continuous two-way reporting lets the system accomplish several things. It can measure how fast traffic really travels on a given road, and use that to compile a highly detailed and accurate database of traffic information. Dash units can warn each other through the network the second they hit a traffic slowdown. And because the units stay connected to the Internet, information on nearby points of interest like restaurants is instantly available and current.

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Where are my Photos ?

Flickr is bringing some major improvements to its mapping tools to allow browsing of photos by location. The current Flickr map explorer will be replaced with a new Flickr map displaying tags that will hover over specific locations, representing interesting and newsworthy things going on there.

Clicking on any tag will take you to a photo stream of the popular and current photos related to that topic in that location. The Maps page will include a link to more than 70,000 places that Flickr has defined so far.

The Places pages let people explore an area by clicking on popular tags, recent tags, interesting photos, featured photographers, groups, and other links for photo collections associated with a particular location.

Launch date for these features has not been released yet.

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Google mashes YouTube and Google Earth

The Google earth and maps team launched a new browseable layer of geotagged YouTube videos in Google earth.

“This layer offers a new way to explore the world and understand the power of place,” says a statement from Google.

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Mix Your Own Maps

Yahoo! have launched a new mapping site which enables users  to upload an image of their map and use the Yahoo layering tool to align it with Yahoo! Maps.

Here’s one of the real London tube map.


The sky is not the limit for Google

The Google earth and maps team have launched more features for thier mapping services.

Sky in Google Earth. You can now explore the universe from the comfort of your chair.
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Adding a map to your website or blog is now as easy as embedding a YouTube video with the addition of a new “Link to this page” feature on Google Maps.
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Book search in Google earth…Now when you turn on the “Google Book Search” layer in Google Earth (found in the “Featured Content” folder in the “Layers” menu), you’ll see small book icons scattered around the globe. When you click on one of the book icons, a pop-up balloon will display a snippet of text from one of Book Search’s public domain books that references that location. You’ll also find links to the Google Book Search page for that snippet so that you can learn more about what it has to say about the city or town.