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Microsoft’s bid troubles Google

Of all the recent commentary about Microsoft’s bid to aquire Yahoo! the posting on Google’s official blog


What did you look for


Google have released their Zeitgeist 2007 to get a glimpse, as Google puts it, of what’s been on our collective consciousness this past year.

Google mashes YouTube and Google Earth

The Google earth and maps team launched a new browseable layer of geotagged YouTube videos in Google earth.

“This layer offers a new way to explore the world and understand the power of place,” says a statement from Google.

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No Denying a Google Phone

Speculation about the introduction of a Google phone continues to circulate the blogs and news groups.
Given that the response at this years NAB by Google’s Eric Schmidt to the question “if you were a venture capitalist where would you invest your money?” was “I would invest in three things……mobile, mobile and mobile”. Could this be the first Google product ?

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Fly with Google

Google’s not so secret flight simulator hidden in Google Earth is fun! Whilst the controls and features are not in the same league as Microsoft’s flight simulator it is free.

To enter the flight simulator mode, press Ctrl + Alt + A (Command/Open Apple Key + Option + A on the Mac)

It took me a few attempts to get it to work. I finally managed to activate it by zooming in on San Francisco!? and then Ctrl + Alt + A

Flight Simulator Keyboard Controls can be found here >>

The sky is not the limit for Google

The Google earth and maps team have launched more features for thier mapping services.

Sky in Google Earth. You can now explore the universe from the comfort of your chair.
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Adding a map to your website or blog is now as easy as embedding a YouTube video with the addition of a new “Link to this page” feature on Google Maps.
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Book search in Google earth…Now when you turn on the “Google Book Search” layer in Google Earth (found in the “Featured Content” folder in the “Layers” menu), you’ll see small book icons scattered around the globe. When you click on one of the book icons, a pop-up balloon will display a snippet of text from one of Book Search’s public domain books that references that location. You’ll also find links to the Google Book Search page for that snippet so that you can learn more about what it has to say about the city or town.

Your warts and all online

Google’s plans to enable you to store your medical records online took a step forward with the release of some screen shots showing how the latest Google offering might look.

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also The New York Times examines Google and Microsoft’s thinly disguised push for health-related advertising and services