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Geotagging Made Easy

With a predicted four million cameras in the next 18 months to two years to come with embedded geotagging functionality the race is on to create practical and affordable technological solutions. Geotate thinks they have the answer…..

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Is Flickr Locating a Social Network?

Flikr have launched Places which is a mash up that produces a location profile . The profile pulls data from maps, weather, groups and individually tagged photos.

Is this the start of a Flickr creating a location based social network?


Where are my Photos ?

Flickr is bringing some major improvements to its mapping tools to allow browsing of photos by location. The current Flickr map explorer will be replaced with a new Flickr map displaying tags that will hover over specific locations, representing interesting and newsworthy things going on there.

Clicking on any tag will take you to a photo stream of the popular and current photos related to that topic in that location. The Maps page will include a link to more than 70,000 places that Flickr has defined so far.

The Places pages let people explore an area by clicking on popular tags, recent tags, interesting photos, featured photographers, groups, and other links for photo collections associated with a particular location.

Launch date for these features has not been released yet.

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Google mashes YouTube and Google Earth

The Google earth and maps team launched a new browseable layer of geotagged YouTube videos in Google earth.

“This layer offers a new way to explore the world and understand the power of place,” says a statement from Google.

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