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Germany to unlock the iPhone

Germany will join France in offering unlocked iPhones



Unlocked iPhone

At last a reason to celebrate French law……..for all you would be iPhone owners. Under French law all mobile phones have to be offered unlocked, so that customers can use them on any network they wish – and that includes the iPhone.

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iTune in to your friend’s music

SimplifyMedia is a media sharing service which lets your friends view and listen to your iTunes library over the web.

Allowing only streaming, not copying, and only to a small group (30 people)  appears to be the solution to copyright infringement.

PC and Mac man – Best of Friends

The lighter moments from the joint interview between Steve Jobs and Bill Gates at the D5 conference.

From D5 Videos of the complete Steve Jobs and Bill Gates interview:

Microsoft’s answer to the iPhone

Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer on Apple’s latest addition