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The BloggerspacerExplorers are people who travel into uncharted territory for adventure and discovery
My name is Simon King.
In 1954, four years before I was born, Hergé wrote and illustrated a book called Explorers on the Moon. It starred his cartoon hero reporter Tintin and completed the story that had begun in his previous book – Destination Moon.

In 1969 a real person made the same journey as Tintin

Both the book and the remarkable real journey have played a major part in influencing the things that have, motivated, amused and inspired me.

I am fascinated by the Apollo moon programme,
I am excited by new technologies,
I am overwhelmed by the opportunities that our increasingly connected and collaborative network offers us.

I started this blog to give relief to my family and friends.
So here I can indulge my interests and invite you to do the same 


9 responses to “About the Blogger

  1. Delighted to see that the long awaited Blog has appeared. A relief to all for us close to you. I personally look forward to keeping in regular touch.
    All the best

  2. Hey Simon have you seen the exhibitions in Paris and Angouleme?

    They have all of Blue Lotus in Paris!

    And they have 100-year celebration at the International Festival of Bandes Dessinees 25-28 January 2007.

  3. Hi “Someone
    Thanks for the links to the exhibition information – I will try to get to Paris before 19th Feb.
    By the way your IP address suggests you’re from the USA?

  4. The screen we spoke about earlier, apparently apple bought the technology to use on the iphone but the way it zooms is really worth looking at…

  5. Isn’t that wierd that people who like Nivea also love Tintin.

  6. Jeremy Darvill

    Hi Simon,

    I think your blog addresses a big need for a kick in the pants to those inventive and inovotive people who need now to turn their attention to the greatest technical and social challenge ever to befall the human race. Your quite right, the imagination of Herge and the subsiquent realisation of that imagination demonstrates the power of inventive thought. That power must be turned on our own enviromental challenges and the more people who turn their thoughts to applying their skills to that challenge, the greater chance we have of protecting this beautiful earth .
    Sorry old friend, i’ll get off my soap box now.
    You know what I mean though ! You can’t explore the stars if you got no where to go home for tea..

  7. Hi Jeremy,
    An interesting view (based on the “excessive red wine” school of thought I believe).
    By the way ….. what are the CO2 emissions of a vintage bus?

  8. I’ll tell everyone about Mickey Mouse !

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