My car will contact your car

Credit : Dash Navigation™

Get ready to throw away your Tom Tom because Dash is neary ready for launchop. Dash is the next generation of car sat nav that you will want to have.

Its key differentiator from other GPS units is that it will always be connected to the Internet, which will enable features like peer-to-peer (with other Dash devices) traffic reporting, and the capability to program routes on to your device from your Web browser.
What makes the Dash device so different is that it not only receives location data from the satellites of the Global Positioning System, like other navigation units, but it also broadcasts information about its travels back to the Dash network.

The continuous two-way reporting lets the system accomplish several things. It can measure how fast traffic really travels on a given road, and use that to compile a highly detailed and accurate database of traffic information. Dash units can warn each other through the network the second they hit a traffic slowdown. And because the units stay connected to the Internet, information on nearby points of interest like restaurants is instantly available and current.

more from the New York Times >>
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